5 Things You May Not Know About Collision Repair Technology

Technology used in modern vehicles is constantly evolving, and so must the collision repair technology you need to repair those vehicles. OEM manuals, years of experience, and repair skills give you a great foundation for completing common collision repairs. But to keep up with advanced technology in today’s vehicles, you need advanced tools and on-demand OEM information.

If you find yourself spending too much valuable time tracking down the latest diagnostics and collision repair procedures when you could be performing repairs, SUN® Collision Repair Information has your back. When you put the latest collision software to work in your body shop, you’ll have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information to perform repairs more efficiently and accurately.

The Benefits of Collision Repair Software Continue to Increase

 You already know how fast vehicle technology is changing and how it impacts collision repair procedures in your shop. From OEM information for modern materials and frame repairs to interactive wiring diagrams and the latest ADAS calibrations, we’ve got you covered from bumper to bumper.

Having advanced collision repair technology at your fingertips helps your body shop stay up to date with modern vehicle OEM information. But information without explanation means you have to find other resources for complete collision procedures. That’s why we provide in-depth, up-to-date information, repair procedures, and more in a single comprehensive resource.

Here are five things you may not know about some features in SUN Collision and the benefits of collision repair software and how they can make your collision repair shop more productive and profitable.

1. Built-in Calculator/Converter

Collision repair technology gives you the latest vehicle information for collision procedures and the necessary tools to put all that data to work — quickly. That’s why our software features a super easy way to convert specifications built right into the program.

The built-in calculator performs a variety of conversions, including area, length, pressure, speed, temperature, torque/work, volume, and weight. The application gives you the ability to quickly convert a specification, resulting in safer repairs and greater productivity.

2. The latest TSBs

Even with access to the latest OEM vehicle information, your body shop still needs real-time updates to perform collision repairs accurately. That’s why we include TSBs, recalls, and other updated information with every vehicle lookup.

TSBs are updated within two weeks of OEM publication to provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate TSB database. For ongoing technician training and to keep ahead of the curve, we also provide a standalone TSB database you can access on-demand using the TSB Quick Link button on the home screen.

3. Data Cards in 1Search Plus

When you perform a search in 1Search Plus, the results are displayed using cards that present information in a typical collision repair sequence. The cards cover everything from diagnostics to repair workflow, but are only displayed if the information applies to a specific repair lookup. With one click, you’ll find a blend of OEM information and real-world insights for the specific search.

The materials card, for example, helps your shop identify all the unique materials used in the body of a particular vehicle fast, so you can get on with repair and move on. From composite body panel replacement to structural specifications, you’ll find the most important OEM materials information front and center.

4. Steel Repairability Matrix

Certain OEMs like Ford provide a recommended steel repairability matrix to help collision centers handle the wide array of steel encountered in collision repair procedures. The steel repairability matrix can tell you if a particular material requires a cold repair, specific welding processes, and more for safe, accurate repairs. SUN Collision puts the latest steel repair procedures at your fingertips with an easy-to-navigate system that is user-friendly.

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5. SureTrack Community

The SureTrack Community, an experience-based repair information resource, is an interactive community of professional automotive technicians that serves as a real-world resource for mechanical procedures. It’s likely that other techs have encountered the mechanical issue you may be facing in your bay. You can post your questions and get replies from peers, often within minutes.

Software for Collision Repair Shops Today and in The Future

 Software for collision repair shops is a flexible, constantly evolving tool that helps your body shop perform repairs on even the most advanced vehicles. From ADAS repair and recalibration to interactive wiring diagrams, you’ll always have access to the most comprehensive collision repair database because the software is constantly updated.

  • ADAS Diagnosis, Repair, and Recalibration

Does your body shop handle ADAS repairs as a part of its collision repair services? If it doesn’t, SUN Collision software can help you change that. ADAS and other vehicle technology are interconnected with so many components and systems, repairs and recalibrating sensors  can be complicated. Software for collision repair shops puts the information you need right at your fingertips to help your shop perform safe and accurate ADAS repairs and recalibrations.

You get a big-picture view of the latest ADAS diagnostic, repair, and recalibration procedures. The ADAS Quick Reference in your user-friendly software provides OEM information including the tools and equipment (like scan tools and targets) that you’ll need to complete repairs. And you’ll find all the details for connected systems, wiring, and other components related to a particular ADAS repair, so you can be confident you’ve covered all the bases. 

  • OEM Manuals

OEM manuals are a collision repair procedure tool you know your shop can’t live without. So we’re not suggesting you toss your old printed manuals just because we include them with your online collision repair technology! But with our 1Search Plus search engine, we think you’ll find access to the latest OEM information is much easier and faster than thumbing through a stack of physical OEM manuals.

  • Common Mechanical Repairs

No matter how far vehicles advance because of technology, light mechanical work will continue to be a common collision repair. That’s because the line between mechanical and collision repairs is getting thinner every year.

When you invest in collision repair software, you not only get information on the latest technology, you get the OEM information you need to handle more mechanical repairs in-house. With SUN, you’ll find the diagnostics and repair procedures for most mechanical damage caused by a collision, allowing your shop to provide even more profitable repairs.

  • Interactive Wiring Diagrams

Whether you’re repairing the latest ADAS components or a small mechanical fix, you can bet wiring is involved. Because of the increased interconnectivity of advanced vehicle systems, having access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive wiring resources is more critical than ever. SUN Collision features intuitive navigation for on-demand access to interactive wiring diagrams and connected components. You’ll get access to highlighted wiring traces, pop-up specifications, component locations, and the latest testing to procedures for more accurate repairs.

  • User-Friendly, Mobile-Ready Search

OEM manuals, common repair information, materials data, and other collision repair software features are only useful if they are easy to access. That’s why we power SUN Collision with a proprietary search engine, 1Search Plus™. Designed to reflect how technicians approach collision procedures, the innovative search engine provides information in a graphical layout that is easy to follow and navigate.

You get OEM and other relevant information with a single lookup, so navigation is intuitive and easy. You’ll find information presented in familiar categories with direct links to all the information you need using the Quick Links feature. The built-in library of constantly updated information gives you reset procedures, testing processes, DTCs, TSBs, and more. Plug in the YMM, license plate number, or VIN number to get detailed guidance for accurate and safe collision repairs.

One of the most convenient benefits of collision repair software is the easy access across different devices. While having access to repair software on a desktop is great for training technicians, being able to access that information at the vehicle while you’re performing repairs is invaluable. SUN Collision software is optimized for a range of devices, making it easy to see the information you need exactly when you need it.

We help your body shop spend more time completing collision repairs and less time finding the relevant information with the most innovative collision repair technology available. If you want to learn more about how modern technology can help your shop meet the challenges of repairing more and more advanced vehicles, get a free demo today.

Don’t want to wait? Call SUN at 877-840-1973 and one of our professionals will show you how to put collision repair software to work in your body shop.

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