SUN Collision Now an Option for Accredited Saskatchewan Collision Repair Shops

Under the Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) accreditation requirements for collision repairers, SUN Collision Repair Information, a brand of Snap-on® Incorporated, is now an approved resource for OEM repair information for accredited auto body shops in Saskatchewan, Canada.

According to SGI, all collision repair partners are required to access and utilize OEM repair procedures as part of the repair planning process on every claim. In recognition of the costs associated with accessing online OEM procedure databases, SGI subsidizes all accredited repair shops to assist in the purchase of OEM subscriptions.

It is up to individual shops to decide what OEM repair procedure subscription they want to utilize. SGI does not mandate to use a specific OEM repair information product nor do they endorse any specific product. Shops submit a simple application and proof of their OEM subscription purchase to get started.

SUN Collision is an approved resource for Saskatchewan collision facilities to meet SGI’s accreditation requirements, part of the province’s Safe and Quality Auto Repair Program (SQARP).

SUN offers a comprehensive source of OEM-licensed collision repair information that covers all types of repairs, both collision and mechanical. The software also includes real-world information for mechanical repairs.

For more information, please contact SUN Collision at 877-840-1973 or SGI at


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