The Complete Collision & Repair Information Solution

  • SUN Collision Repair Information

    When you can find the information you need quickly, you can repair vehicles more quickly. That is the driving force behind SUN Collision Repair Information. It’s complete, accurate data that you can trust to help you repair vehicles, in most any condition— inside and outside — with maximum efficiency.

  • As vehicle technology advances, the line between collision and mechanical repair work is blurring. When a collision occurs, any damage to the body and frame is very likely to also damage sensors, cameras and other mechanical components that must be repaired to return the vehicle to safe operating condition. SUN Collision is your source for all your repairs – collision or mechanical.

Why Choose SUN Collision?

    • Answers for every type of repair: Collision and mechanical information delivered together.
    • Easily access all the procedures and specifications needed to efficiently repair damaged vehicles.
    • Quickly find ALL information related to the search term, delivered in a user-friendly graphical layout – without all the clutter.
    • Work efficiently with complete information available in a single resource – with a single login: Specifications, procedures and more —for all types of repairs, collision or mechanical.
    • Save time diagnosing mechanical issues with real-world insights integrated with OEM collision and repair information.
    • Streamline your lookup with an option to find information related to a specific part.
    • Access OEM and expert-based repair information right at the vehicle – where you need it most. SUN Collision is optimized for tablet devices, making it easy to retrieve and view your content anywhere you work on vehicles.
    • No need to outsource mechanical work. Quickly access information to repair damage to sensors, cameras and other mechanical components.