Easy to Use, Intuitive Features

The intuitive design of the SUN Collision software makes it easy for you to find the right information that you need to repair the vehicle in your bay — collision or mechanical. Take the guesswork out of the process with complete OEM collision and mechanical repair information and SureTrack® Real Fixes based on actual mechanical repair solutions that expert technicians have used to solve the same problem.

    • 1Search Plus

      To improve your information lookup, 1Search Plus returns information in a unique graphical layout aligned with the way a technician thinks about diagnosis and repair. OEM and real-world information are fully integrated, reducing your navigation time. All results are returned in specific categories, leading you directly to the information you want and cutting out the clutter.

    • Materials

      Quickly find the information you need to work with high-strength steels, composite, aluminum, plastics, plastic parts repair, and more. All the materials data for the selected vehicle is always just a click away in the intuitive 1Search Plus user interface.

    • Body and Frame

      Access complete information about sectioning procedures, structural adhesives, interior trim, sensors and switches, OEM procedures such as sectioning and structural repairs, handling of new materials, panel removal and replacement, and more.

    • Paint and Finish

      Your finishing touches complete the repair. We’ve got the information you need for paint materials, sealing and corrosion protection, surface preparation and application process — and more.

    • ADAS

      SUN Collision makes it quick and easy to diagnose, calibrate and repair vehicles equipped with ADAS — Advanced Driver Assistance Systems — features. Simply select a vehicle and click the Driver Assist (ADAS) Quick Link button, and you have immediate access to a table that consolidates all the ADAS information for the vehicle in a single location. You get the full picture of the ADAS features and components and can simply click to select the repair and calibration information you want.

    • NEW: Interactive Wiring Diagrams

      Our powerful wiring diagrams now include interactive features that build on intelligent navigation that takes you directly to the specific diagram for the component you searched for — with traces automatically highlighted. Get into the diagnostic fast lane — wiring diagrams have never been so complex or so easy to navigate!

      Our Interactive Wiring Diagrams let you navigate via the diagram directly to component information without a secondary lookup. While viewing a wiring diagram, simply click on any component within the diagram to see a pop-up menu with selections to learn more about specifications, component location, connector views, guided component tests, and more.

    • Latest TSBs

      Never miss a TSB! Access the most accurate and up-to-date database of TSBs available, most delivered within one month of publication by OEM.

    • Common Repair Procedures

      Start your diagnosis with insights from the most common procedures for the selected vehicle based on code, symptom, component and mileage.

    • Causes and Fixes

      Graph shows the relationship between codes and symptoms to components, making it easier to diagnose multiple codes returned together.

    • Real Fixes

      Find the fix with expert-based mechanical knowledge captured from over 600 million completed repairs and real world tips from professional technicians.

    • Top Repairs

      With this exclusive feature, SUN Collision provides a powerful head start to an accurate diagnosis, based on collective knowledge from millions of actual repairs and insight from professional technicians. With every lookup, SUN Collision organizes the most common issues for the current vehicle into an easy-to-use list, arranged by category: Components, codes, symptoms and lookups in SUN Collision.

    • Quick Links

      Quickly navigate to the most popular content in SUN Collision, including fluids, tire fitment, reset procedures, wiring diagrams, component tests and locations, DTCs and TSBs.

    • Mobile Friendly

      Access your repair data right at the vehicle – where you need it most, at no additional cost.