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  • The ROI on Collision Repair Software

    If you own a small business, every decision matters. One poor choice can be the difference between a business succeeding or failing. Weighing the pros and cons of every decision to make the best possible choice for the business is especially important for auto body facilities. As the saying goes: If it doesn’t make dollars, […]

  • SUN Collision Repair Introduces Interactive Wiring Diagrams in Latest Release

    SUN announces that the latest release of the SUN Collision Repair Information software introduces wiring diagrams with exclusive features including interactivity that connects the diagrams directly to component information. This helps increase efficiency as technicians can access component repair information from inside the diagram without having to initiate a secondary search. While viewing a wiring […]

  • SUN Collision Interactive Wiring Diagrams

    With so much that can go wrong with today’s complex vehicles, you need wiring diagrams that put you in control of your diagnostics. The latest enhancements to SUN Collision’s wiring diagrams redefine electrical diagnostics with patent-pending interactive features. Our new interactive wiring diagrams let you navigate from the diagram directly to component information without a […]