How to Save Time and Cut Costs with Automotive Diagnostic Software

Is your body shop making enough money? Do you have a good work/personal life balance? Is your shop organized and efficient? If your answer is “no,” to one of these questions, it’s probably “no” for the others too.

That’s because efficiency and organization directly impact your profits as well as how hard you have to work. If you want your shop to be more efficient and profitable, professional automotive diagnostic software for mechanical repairs can be part of your solution.

SUN® Collision Repair Information saves you time because it is the perfect resource for keeping up to date with diagnostic advancements, vehicle technology like ADAS, and OEM information. Our vehicle diagnostic software could even help as an effective training tool in your shop, second only to your experience and expertise, of course!

Professional Automotive Diagnostic Software is Up to the Challenge

According to Automotive Research, these were the top challenges independent automotive repair shops say they were most concerned about at the beginning of 2020.
● Hands-on training: 42.6%
● Keeping up with diagnostic technology: 31.6%
● Keeping up with vehicle technology: 31.1%
● Recruiting knowledgeable, skilled technicians: 29.2%

Your collision shop may have faced similar challenges at the beginning of the year, and the COVID-19 pandemic has added additional challenges. The number of vehicle repairs from accidents is impacted by vehicle miles traveled (VMT), so that’s an obvious reason why business can be slow. Because of the pandemic, drivers are driving less, auto sales are down, and auto services like collision repair are feeling the pinch.

Even though VMT may be less than normal for quite a while, investing in tools that save time and money long term can help collision repair shops can weather the storm. SUN® wants to make sure your repair facility is prepared for the challenges of today and the future with automotive diagnostic software that helps you work more efficiently. So how can SUN® Collision help with some of the commonplace challenges shop owners face?

Mechanic diagnostic software is a valuable tool for hands-on training and accessing up-to-date diagnostic and vehicle technology. Adding this tool to your shop’s arsenal can help you turn your technicians into specialists.

Automotive Diagnostic Software is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of Digital Body Shop Tools

If you could have a tool that makes collision repairs easier, and at the same time helps reduce cycle time and comebacks, it might be something worth looking into, wouldn’t it? That tool is SUN’s automotive diagnostic software, and it’s as comprehensive as it is cost effective.
Just like your collision repair shop has evolved with the physical equipment used, your software — like mechanic diagnostic software — also helps your business evolve and prepare for the future.

Access OEM Information Fast

OEM information is critical for your shop’s success, and SUN puts that information right at your fingertips. Adhering to OEM guidelines for collision repair means safer repairs, fewer comebacks, and can it help you keep your shop’s reputation in good standing with your customers and insurance companies.
Our vehicle diagnostic software makes finding the essential OEM collision repair information you need fast and easy. From common repairs to service manuals, SUN Collision includes the features your shop needs most:

Common Repair Procedures
Some collision repairs are more common than others, so we put the repair procedures you use most front and center with our automotive diagnostic software. The better you get at completing these common repairs, the more time you can save day after day.

Body and Frame Information
Every detail is important when it comes to frame and body collision repairs. We make finding sectioning and structural repair procedures, materials handling, and related information easy. From structural adhesives and interior trim to sensors and switches, we’ve got you covered from bumper to bumper.

Up-to-Date Materials Data
Modern adhesives, composite materials, plastics, and other modern automotive materials require a modern approach for collision repair. Information on high-strength steels, aluminum, and other materials are just a click away.

Paint and Finish Information
A perfect collision repair calls for a perfect finish. From current paint data to accurate prep and application guidelines, you’ll find the information you need to give your repairs a beautiful finish.

Complete OEM Service Manuals
Our innovative vehicle diagnostic software gives you unlimited access to
Complete OEM service information.

Get the ADAS Information You Need When You Need It

SUN Collision repair software makes it quick and easy to diagnose, repair and recalibrate vehicles equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). How easy? Just select a vehicle, click the ADAS Quick Link button, and you get immediate access to complete ADAS information consolidated in and easy-to-use table format for the selected vehicle.

You get a clear view of the ADAS features and components. Next, simply click to select the repair and calibration information you want. You’ll find a complete picture of the repair process along with critical documentation to help minimize liability, ensure safe, accurate repairs, and complete those all-important ADAS calibrations.

Professional Automotive Diagnostic Software = Better Technicians

What if it were easier to pass along your years of experience and knowledge to your technicians? If you want to save some serious time training your newer techs, automotive diagnostic software gives you a tool that can help educate technicians while they work.

Experienced techs can double check their work, follow up on a hunch, and verify their expertise with automotive technology as they go along. New technicians will find the software to be a powerful resource for learning everything from common collision repair processes to the latest materials and techniques. We probably can’t turn your techs into another you, but our easy-to-use, up-to-date mechanic diagnostic software can help enhance your team’s knowledge.

How SUN Makes Finding Collision Repair Information So Easy

We’re dedicated to helping shop owners save time and make money, so our collision software is designed to be the most comprehensive resource for shop owners—and the easiest to use. That’s why we created 1Search Plus, our proprietary search engine for collision repairs.

We started with a user-friendly, intuitive format that resembles the apps on your smartphone. Then, we designed a unique graphical layout to give technicians the information they need in a layout that reflects how they would typically think about diagnosis and repair.

Just type in a code and get all the diagnostic information you need. You’ll get testing procedures and an indicator of what component threw the code. From there, it’s a matter of tapping into our real-world fixes database and narrowing down the issue.

But what happens if you can’t find what you need? We know you’re busy, so if you can’t find something within minutes, we can answer your call within seconds. In the unlikely event that you can’t find the information you need for diagnostics or repair within 5 minutes, our Product Content Support Department will be glad to help. Just fill out the quick form or give us a call at 877-840-1973.

SUN Collision’s Other Time-Saving Features

When you choose SUN Collision, you’re choosing collision repair software that is always up-to-date with the latest information for body and mechanical repairs. Our commitment to providing shop owners with the most accurate information means you get the latest TSBs, recalls, and new features to make your life easier.

SUN’s newest feature is our interactive wiring diagrams. We took the cluttered, traditional wiring diagram and gave it a digital facelift. With our digital wiring schematics, technicians can link directly to component information, highlight specific sections, toggle through associated wires, and much more.

If you’d like to learn more, let us show you how an investment in professional automotive diagnostic software can give you the greatest ROI and prepare your shop for the future. We make it easy to get your free demo or learn more by giving us a call at 877-840-1973.

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