OEM Repair Software May Be Your Collision Repair Shop’s Most Valuable Asset

Collision repair shops are facing some tough challenges as they work to recover from the impact of COVID-19 while keeping abreast of ever-evolving advancements in vehicle technology. Fortunately, COVID patterns are declining, but the complexity of vehicle technology will continue to increase as body shops work to recover financially. To increase profitability, body shops must continue to invest in solutions to keep up with new vehicle technology.

Even as the pandemic winds down and collision shops begin seeing a steadier stream of repair business, there will still be plenty of hurdles ahead. Auto parts inventory shortages from global supply chains will continue to be an issue, as well as the ongoing shortage of collision repair technicians.

While OEM repair software can’t get parts to your body shop any faster, the technology can help you overcome many other challenges – and even attract a new generation of technicians.

When you invest in OEM auto repair software for collision repair, your body shop will have advanced information needed to work on advanced vehicles today and in the future. OEM repair information for professionals is indispensable for modern collision repair procedures because it provides a comprehensive resource for repairs — no matter how advanced the vehicle. OEM software won’t replace the years of experience and real-world knowledge of seasoned collision repair technicians, but it will help them learn the skills they need to keep up with vehicle technology.

Collision repair shops that invest in OEM repair software will be prepared to perform cost-effective, safe and accurate repairs on modern vehicles. The on-demand, constantly updated OEM information in SUN collision repair software helps you increase productivity, shorten cycle times and reduce comebacks too.

Read on to learn how OEM auto repair software works – why it’s essential for collision repair – and how SUN® Collision Repair Information gives you the accurate data needed for both collision and mechanical repairs.

How OEM Auto Repair Software Works

We designed an advanced platform to meet the day-to-day needs of collision repair facilities by providing the most up-to-date OEM information available with the click of a button. 1Search Plus puts advanced search technology at collision technicians’ fingertips to help them perform the most accurate and safe collision repairs, no matter what vehicle they’re repairing.

SUN Collision repair software is built to think like technicians think, making it easy and straightforward to finding the correct OEM information for  collision and mechanical repair procedures. Technicians can quickly find the data they need, when they need it, by using familiar search terms like YMM, VINs, etc., along with license plate numbers.

Collision procedures can also be accessed using part numbers and symptoms to retrieve comprehensive data that includes OEM procedures, diagnostic codes, and more — all from a single lookup.

Why OEM Repair Software is Critical for Collision Repair Jobs

Any experienced collision repair technician understands the need for exact OEM information for safe and precise repair procedures. Because OEMs spend a lot of time and money researching and developing vehicles, OEM information is the most reliable and cost-effective resource available.

Having updated OEM repair information available on-demand allows your body shop to complete even the most unfamiliar or advanced collision repair correctly.

SUN Collision software can help you perform repairs smarter, faster, safer and more precisely than ever with the most comprehensive collision repair data available. When you put repair software to work in your body shop, your technicians will be more skilled and confident, your customers more satisfied, and your bottom line healthier.

SUN provides the latest OEM information for collision repair, supported by detailed procedures, the latest updates, OEM auto body repair manuals, and so much more.

Advanced OEM Repair Software for Advanced Vehicle Technology

So, what can OEM repair software do for your collision repair facility? Because the auto repair software evolves along with vehicle innovations, your shop can always be prepared to handle whatever technology OEMs throw at it. Bottom line, collision repair software gives your body shop the latest OEM information to perform collision repair accurately and economically from bumper to bumper.

ADAS Collision Repair
Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, or ADAS, include some of the most technologically-advanced components found in modern vehicles. From driving to parking, ADAS technology helps drivers be more aware of their surroundings and provide convenient features that make driving easier.

ADAS technology will continue to become more complex with every new model year, and collision repair facilities must have a way to keep up. With on-demand, constantly updated OEM information for ADAS and related components, body shops can perform safe and error-free collision repairs on even the most advanced vehicles.

SUN’s OEM auto repair software offers the most far-reaching and practical solutions available for ADAS diagnostics, repair and replacement, and recalibration. From advanced radar technology to cameras and other sensors, collision repair technicians can easily access all the information they need.

How easy is it? Simply select the vehicle make and model, and click the ADAS Quick Link button to display user-friendly graphics and easy-to-follow collision repair instructions.

ADAS technology revolves around an extensive network of wiring that connects systems to sensors and other body components. As vehicles become more advanced, the wiring will be a critical component affecting many vehicle functions, from smart interfaces to parking assistance systems.

Because modern vehicle systems are so interconnected, having up-to-date wiring schematics is essential for diagnosis and repair.

While an auto body repair manual provides detailed wiring information, our digitized versions of wiring diagrams provide technicians with the information they need to complete repairs from start to finish. Intuitive navigation, highlighted wiring traces, and guided diagnostics are just some of what technicians will find with our interactive wiring diagrams.

From connector views to corresponding component locations, interactive OEM wiring information is invaluable for greater productivity and perfect collision repairs.

Carbon fiber and steel composites are no longer the exceptions for body panels and other components. In the ongoing efforts to make modern cars and trucks lighter, stronger and safer, manufacturers are adopting the use of innovative materials to meet the challenges. Lightweight, more durable body panels are great for car owners, but they present a unique challenge for collision repair.

The unfamiliar technology of modern materials and the speed at which advancements are made create a gap of knowledge that repair technicians must find a way to fill.

When a body shop puts OEM repair software to work in their business, that knowledge gap is closed, and technicians can perform collision repairs confidently, efficiently, quickly and accurately.

Up-to-date OEM information for cold repairs, advanced welding, and other modern collision repair processes is critical for precise repairs. To help body shops meet the challenges of working with modern vehicle frames and bodies, manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Toyota, GM, and Ford provide a Recommended Steel Repairability Matrix.

To give collision facilities a more exhaustive resource, SUN Collision provides constantly updated OEM body and frame repair information from sectioning procedures to materials handling and much more.

Safe, accurate collision repair is the backbone of any successful body shop, but those repairs must also look good. Vehicle owners can’t know if a particular component or body part has been repaired correctly, so most judge the finished repair by its appearance.

If the vehicle looks like it did before the collision, most car owners will be happy with the results. With an extensive OEM database of paint materials, prep procedures and finishing techniques, your shop will be ready to repair even the most advanced vehicles.

OEM information can change over time as manufacturers and repair technicians discover issues after a vehicle rolls off the assembly line. TSBs and recalls are distributed to dealers and repair shops to keep repair technicians in the loop, and the easiest way to stay up-to-date is with the comprehensive database found in collision repair software.

Advanced Collision Repair Technology Begins with SUN Collision

The best way to streamline your collision repair facility today and prepare for the future is to invest in the most advanced collision repair technology available — SUN Collision. With the click of a button, repair technicians can access clear, detailed graphics and text that speaks their language.

Our intuitive platform can help new collision professionals learn the ropes, seasoned pros enhance their skills, and your body shop be more productive and profitable.

The fast-paced innovations in vehicle technology won’t slow down anytime soon, so why not find out how we can help your shop stay a step ahead?

If you’re ready to increase productivity, reduce repair costs and prepare for the future, get your free, no-obligation demo or talk with collision repair experts by calling 877-840-1973.


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