Why Staying Up to Date on Collision Repair Procedures is So Critical

According to Body Shop Business Magazine, as of 2021, there are over 73 million ADAS-equipped vehicles on the road. ADAS and other technology will continue to change how we inspect, diagnose, and repair in the collision repair industry. As vehicle technology continues to advance, the line between collision procedures and mechanical repairs is disappearing too — and keeping up with advancements in collision repair procedures is a must.

Lightweight body and frame materials are great for increased fuel efficiency, but not so much for defending against a collision. Even minor collisions can cause extensive damage to on-board technology, and many materials require advanced knowledge for repair and replacement. When your body shop invests in SUN® Collision Repair Information, you’ll have the knowledge and detailed procedures for collision repair you need to work on even the most advanced vehicles.

And while your body shop may typically work on vehicles that are 3+ years old and out of warranty, don’t think you won’t see 2021 vehicles in your bays. Even with all that safety and driver-assistance technology, there are still human beings behind the wheel. Someone driving a brand new car off the lot today could rear-end another vehicle or sideswipe a telephone pole, and you could end up with a repair job you’re not ready for.

Advanced Vehicles Require Advanced Collision Repair Procedures

To be prepared to perform collision procedures on advanced vehicles, body shop owners must have the latest OEM information and detailed guidance only found with constantly updated collision repair software. So what modern vehicle collision repair challenges can you expect to see in your body shop?

  • Materials

From carbon fiber to aluminum and steel composites, bodies and frames on modern vehicles are lighter, safer, and more durable than ever. But they can also be unfamiliar territory for many body shops. Whether it’s getting the paint and finish on a 2021 vehicle just right or determining if a component should be replaced, having on-demand access to OEM materials data is essential.

  • ADAS

ADAS technology is becoming more complex and the interconnectivity of cameras, sensors, and other components present particular challenges in collision repair. Up-to-date knowledge of how ADAS and other technology affect other components on a vehicle is critical for safe, accurate repairs. Inspection, diagnosis, and replacement or repair of advanced technology like ADAS is less of a challenge when you have the latest OEM information.

  • Electric Vehicles

Global sales of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in 2021 are projected to increase by about 70 percent, and automakers are committed to continued development. There’s a good chance your body shop may not have worked on an electric or hybrid vehicle, but they’re coming.

While modern vehicle technology in gas-powered cars and trucks can be hard to keep up with, EVs and Hybrids present a whole new challenge. From proprietary batteries to intricate wiring, your body shop can be prepared for collision repair on EVs and Hybrids with SUN Collision.

Without access to the most current vehicle repair procedures and OEM information, body shops simply won’t be ready to adapt to the latest vehicle technology. This lack of knowledge could lead to missed damage, lack of proper tools, increased outsourcing, and inaccurate and unsafe repairs.

To stay competitive, body shops need up-to-date OEM information to help them handle most any vehicle that ends up in the bay — even the latest model year vehicles. ADAS, electric vehicles, and materials technology will continue to evolve, and SUN can keep your shop competitive today and in the future.

What On-Demand Vehicle Repair Procedures Can Mean for Your Body Shop

A reliable, consistently updated resource for all your OEM information, collision repair procedures, and other critical data at your fingertips keeps your shop competitive and helps grow your business. You can perform the in-depth diagnostics and intricate collision repairs required for advanced vehicles and make common repairs more streamlined. That means consistent collision repairs, a stellar reputation, increased customer satisfaction, and more:

On-Demand OEM Information and Other Data Create Better Collision Technicians

 Collision repair software is a comprehensive and convenient resource for helping technicians stay ahead of the curve. Maybe the greatest challenge of modern vehicle collision repairs is the break-neck speed of technological advancements and not enough resources for keeping up. From hands-on vehicle repair procedures training to understanding advanced diagnostics, technicians must have the latest information for collision procedures.

Collision Repair Technology Means Safer, More Accurate Repairs

 Advanced sensors, wiring, and other advanced components require up-to-date, in-depth OEM information for accurate diagnostics and comprehensive repair procedures. While collision repair technicians will continue to rely on their expertise in body work, understanding how advanced vehicle technology factors into everything from bumpers to windshields is a necessity.

More accuracy means safer repairs and recalibrations, which can also help reduce the chance of a malfunction on the road and the risk of liability to the shop.

Up-to-Date Information Keeps More Auto Collision Repair Procedures In-House

From ADAS calibration and repair to common mechanical repairs, the latest OEM information and other resources found in collision repair software can mean less outsourcing and more revenue. When you have consistently updated information on so many vehicles, identifying potential damage, diagnosing it, and repairing or replacing components is much easier.

How Collision Repair Software Can Keep You Up to Date

Collision repair software provides complete OEM information, including specifications and processes from collision to mechanical repairs. Why waste time trying to keep up with advanced vehicle technology when SUN can do it for you? Let us help you meet the challenges of working on modern vehicles with the most important features in collision repair technology.


Of all the collision repair challenges presented by modern vehicles, ADAS and related technology may be the most daunting. That’s because working on this technology can be more like fixing a computer than a car.

All those computer chips and interconnected wiring don’t have to be a mystery when you have the most detailed and current diagnostic and repair procedures. ADAS and even more advanced vehicle technology will continue to evolve and SUN Collision can keep you up to speed.

Consistently Updated OEM Information

Your body shop must have current OEM information whether you’re working on a 30-year-old truck or a 2021 sports car. SUN Collision makes getting your hands on that information easier than ever.

  • Common Repair Procedures – Collision repair software can save your body shop time and money from the start with comprehensive diagnostics for a selected vehicle based on symptom, code, component, and mileage.
  • Body and Frame – Critical body and frame information including detailed explanations of sectioning procedures, structural repairs, interconnected sensors, switches, and other must-have information.
  • Materials –The information you need to work with the latest adhesives, high-strength steels, composite materials, aluminum, plastics, and more.
  • Paint and Finish – Up-to-date data to help you put the perfect finishing touch on collision procedures including materials, prep, processes, and applications.
  • Complete OEM Service Manuals and Updates – Collision repair software includes a complete library of OEM service manuals and the latest TSBs and recalls for the most comprehensive OEM support available.

Real-World Information and Insights

Imagine if your body shop had immediate access to notes and records from over a billion past mechanical repairs, and 45 million Real Fixes. When you have instant access to expert knowledge from professional mechanics and other technicians, you can tackle even unfamiliar procedures for collision repair with confidence.

Interactive Wiring Diagrams

SUN’s collision repair software includes consistently updated and detailed interactive wiring diagrams. We present our complete wiring diagrams in an easy-to-understand format with highlighted wiring traces, component locations, and step-by-step testing procedures for better electrical diagnostics..

Intuitive Search Engine

SUN Collision gives your body shop on-demand access to service manuals, common repair information, materials data, and other resources — and we make all that info easy to find.

Our proprietary 1Search Plus™ search engine makes searching for the information you need as simple as using an online search engine. You’ll find detailed descriptions of parts and procedures and have quick access to related systems and components.

Your body shop needs accurate, updated information for collision repair procedures for common repairs and advanced technology. SUN helps you put the latest technology in collision repair to work in your shop to stay competitive today and tomorrow.

We want to show you how integrating collision repair software can be the best investment you’ve ever made. Find out more about what we can do for you when you get your free demo or call 877-840-1973.


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