You May Be Able to Keep More Jobs In-House Than You Think

Knowing when to outsource collision repair and mechanical work is critical for keeping your body shop’s productivity in top gear. You have to quickly assess which jobs can be handled in-house and when to outsource jobs that require tools or knowledge beyond the scope of your shop. How do you avoid wasting time with diagnostics and repairs that end up being outsourced? The answer is to have the right tools on hand. Collision repair software arms you with comprehensive OEM information to help you make good decisions for the shop.

So why do collision repair shops typically outsource mechanical repairs? If your body shop doesn’t have the equipment or knowledge to perform certain collision procedures, you outsource. From expensive equipment to specialized expertise required, there are plenty of pretty good reasons you would outsource. But just because you’ve always outsourced specific repairs, it doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it. There’s a wealth of OEM and aftermarket information readily available to help expand your repair services.

Bring More Repairs In-House to Maximize Profits

Capitalizing on mechanical and other repair opportunities and having up-to-date OEM and repair information can mean more work stays with your shop.

Mechanical Work

Unless your body shop specializes in very specific collision repairs, you probably provide light mechanical work. If you’re not promoting the fact that your shop does more than body work, you may miss out on work you could easily do in-house. We’re not talking about engine block work or tackling complex wiring harnesses here. There will always be times your body shop will outsource in the name of efficiency.

We’re talking about the often obvious repairs you run across when you’re doing body work or have a vehicle on the lift. If it’s something your body shop can repair, why not? Get in the habit of identifying minor repairs you can handle in-house — or could handle if you have the right resources. If you have the information readily available, you can often perform suspension work, electrical repairs, and more. When you identify these repairs, contact the vehicle owner and let them know you can take care of it for them now, saving them an extra trip to their mechanical shop. And then start adding these additional services to your repair menu.


So what about alignments? Light mechanical repairs are one thing, but there’s nothing “light” about alignment equipment and repairs. It takes dedicated equipment and expertise to do alignments in-house, and it can be expensive. Is it worth it? Consider the information below from AutoInc about outsourcing alignments and see if these points sound familiar:

More than half of collision repair shops outsource alignment because they think there’s not enough demand (32%), the equipment is too expensive (54%), or there’s not enough room in the shop (57%). And over half of body shop owners who outsource say it hurts their cycle times and overall productivity.

But half of the vehicles that come through your shop need an alignment, and according to the source above, only about a third of body shops report checking every vehicle. According to the math, there may be some demand after all. The tougher calculations come when you compare your costs to offer alignment services with the profit you’ll make over time. Maybe alignment equipment and service is more of an investment than an expense? Innovative alignment equipment with smaller footprints and portability are becoming more widely available. Instead of outsourcing alignments, maybe you could find some cluttered part of the shop and turn it into a profit center.

ADAS Repairs

Does your body shop handle Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) repairs? From alignments to many mechanical repairs, ADAS and other technology is interconnected with so many components and other systems. Getting ADAS repairs right is critical for safe, accurate collision repairs, and it’s a repair your body shop can perform in-house. Because a vehicle has ADAS features doesn’t automatically mean it’s time to outsource collision repair. Having a complete picture of ADAS features helps your body shop know right away if it can handle the repair.

Managing Collision Repairs with Collision Repair Software

 No, collision repair software still can’t align a car like you can, but it can help your body shop do alignments faster with accurate, updated OEM information. Unlike alignment equipment, investing in collision repair software gives your body shop a tool that can help bring more collision procedures in-house.

So how does collision repair software help your body shop keep more repairs at home? By providing comprehensive and current information with the click of a button. With SUN’s advanced search technology, you can search by component, part number or symptom. The user-friendly search engine locates the latest and most accurate repair procedures and cross-references related components. Immediate access to OEM information, materials data, step-by-step procedures and real-world mechanical fixes are just some of the resources that will help you stay efficient.

Complete OEM Information Keeps More Repair Jobs In-House

You already know why updated, real-time OEM information is so critical for collision procedures. But that same information can also help expand your services. From in-house repair opportunities arising during common repairs to ADAS repair and recalibration, SUN® Collision Repair Information is your all-in-one resource for safe, accurate repairs.

  • Common Repair Procedures

SUN Collision saves you time right from the start with quick diagnostics for the common repair procedures your body shop performs most often. This means you will know more quickly – and with less effort – if you should outsource a collision repair or mechanical job. You’ll know right off the bat what tools and expertise are required, along with the detailed information you need to tackle the job in-house.

  • Body and Frame Processes

Collision repair software gives you comprehensive OEM information for sectioning procedures, structural repairs, and interior trim. But it also gives you interactive wiring diagrams and information about sensors, switches, and other related components. When you have access to complete and accurate repair procedures, why not keep the electrical work in-house?

  • On-Demand OEM Service Manuals

Even with all your knowledge, you still need OEM information to complete a collision or mechanical repair correctly. That’s why we include instant access to OEM service manuals.

  • The Latest ADAS Information

The ADAS Quick Reference in our user-friendly software provides a complete overview, so you know right away what tools and equipment you need to perform the repairs. You’ll get the full picture of ADAS features and components and the repair and calibration information to complete the repair safely and accurately. Because ADAS and other advanced technology interconnect with so many components, you’ll find all the details for those elements, too.

  • Up-to-Date TSBs, Recalls, and Interactive Wiring Diagrams

Staying up to date and informed with the latest TSBs and recalls is a necessity. After all, this information can’t be found in the original OEM manuals, and even a seemingly small update can have a big impact. And it provides yet another opportunity to perform additional repairs. Collision repair software provides the latest recall information and TSBs in real-time, so you won’t miss opportunities to perform more repairs.

No matter which collision repair services you offer in-house, advanced wiring diagrams are essential for mastering electrical diagnostics. SUN provides intuitive navigation for immediate access to interactive wiring diagrams and all related components. You’ll appreciate the highlighted wiring traces and pop-up specifications, as well as the information on component locations and testing procedures that help you ensure you complete the collision repair procedure correctly.

Advanced Collision Repair Resources Slow Down the Outsources

We make SUN Collision software simple to use so that you can complete collision procedures more quickly and accurately. And we pack that software with features to allow you to grow your business by being able to offer additional collision repair services and having to outsource collision repair less often.

But even the best technology is only useful if it comes with the support you need to make the most of it. That’s why we provide the in-depth support and training to put the collision repair software to work. From technical support for installation and operation to free 1-on-1 live training, you don’t have to be a computer nerd to put SUN technology to work in your shop.

Are you ready to start managing collision repairs to keep more of them in-house? We’re ready to prove how we can help you get it done. With your industry experience and the most advanced OEM resource available, you may be able to keep more repairs in-house than you thought possible. Get your free demo and see SUN Collision in action. Want to learn more right away? Give us a call at 877-840-1973 and we’ll show you how easy-to-use technology helps grow your body shop.

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