Auto Collision Repair Software Features Every Body Shop Should Be Using

There was a time when Bondo, a tape measure, and a straightedge were the “latest” technology for collision repair. But these tools have evolved or been replaced to keep up with collision repair needs. As automotive technology continues to advance, the need for new repair tools will, too. Keep reading to find out how the latest auto collision repair software features can help you keep up.

Auto collision facilities need accurate, on-demand information to complete repairs safely and accurately. That’s because the materials, finishes, and technology used in modern vehicles call for expert repairs that require up-to-date information. And since collision and mechanical repairs are no longer distinct repair areas, you also need real-time OEM data and a resource for handling mechanical repairs.

What can you do with auto collision repair software?

  •  View OEM and aftermarket information about parts and repairs.
  • Access extensive, up-to-date ADAS information.
  • Find real-world fixes for mechanical repairs.
  • Stay current with critical TSBs and recalls.
  • View wiring diagrams that are easy to understand and use.

What are the benefits of using auto collision software?

  •  Save time with SUN® Collision Repair Information because we make it easy to find the information you need quickly to complete repairs faster.
  • Improve productivity because our collision repair scheduling software features include the latest OEM and repair information you can access on your iOS or Android That means better informed repairs, less frustration, and less downtime.
  • Saving time and increasing productivity, combined with SUN’s other benefits, can mean more profit without more work. From decreased cycle times to fewer come-backs, we help you make better repairs faster.

 The Best Auto Collision Software Features for Productivity and Profit

You have the experience and expertise, but how do you keep up with all the changes in the automotive industry? SUN Collision puts the latest repair information at your fingertips. Think of SUN Collision software as a single resource for all the information you need to perform repairs now and in the future.

We build our software specifically for the collision industry — designed to be accurate, current, and simple to use. When you can find the proper and latest information you need quickly, repairs are faster and more accurate. So what features does SUN Collision give you that can do all that?

Advanced Search Functionality

Access to service manuals, common repair information, materials data, and other auto collision repair software features are only useful if the information is easy to find. That’s why we made SUN Collision so easy to use. Our proprietary search engine, 1Search Plus™, gives you information in a graphical layout that aligns with how a technician thinks about collision diagnosis and repair.

OEM and real-world information are available from a single lookup, reducing navigation time. We deliver results using familiar categories, linking you directly to the information you need when you need it. Quick Links help you easily navigate to the most popular content in our collision repair scheduling software library, giving you instant access to the most common search queries.

You’ll find current information about fluids, tire fitment, reset procedures, wiring diagrams, testing, DTCs, TSBs, and more. Vehicles are searchable by YMM (year, make, model), by license plate or VIN number. SUN Collision software also saves time by giving you access to your search history that includes searches for up to 50 vehicles.

 Complete OEM Information

You already know why OEM knowledge and processes are so critical for collision repairs. SUN Collision gives you access to information for the most common repair procedures to help you perform safer, more accurate repairs.

Common Repair Procedures

SUN Collision saves you time right from the start with diagnostics for the most common procedures for a selected vehicle based on code, symptom, component, and mileage.

Body and Frame

We give you unlimited access to complete information about sectioning procedures, structural repairs, interior trim, sensors, switches, and other critical information. From how to work with new materials to panel removal and replacement, we have you covered from bumper to bumper.


Quickly find the information you need to work with modern adhesives, high-strength steels, composite materials, aluminum, plastics, plastic parts repair, and more. All the materials data for the selected vehicle is just a click away and presented in an uncluttered, easy-to-understand format that gets you the information you need when you need it.

Paint and Finish

Modern paints and finishes continue to advance, and it can be difficult to find up-to-date materials data, much less accurate information for surface prep, the application process, and other must-have knowledge. We help you put the finishing touches on collision repairs with the latest information about materials, processes, and applications

Complete OEM Service Manuals

Even with all your knowledge and the best auto collision software, sometimes you need to go right to the source to complete a collision or mechanical repair. That’s why SUN Collision software includes on-demand access to complete OEM service manuals. Whether you’re training a new tech or just need to clarify a process, service manuals are still very much a helpful collision facility tool.

Up-to-Date ADAS Repair Information

Getting Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) repairs right is critical for safe, accurate collision repairs. This technology is here to stay, and if you don’t have a handle on ADAS recalibration and repairs, you could get some nasty surprises with unnecessary labor costs or liability issues. SUN Collision puts the most up-to-date ADAS information front and center and allows you to keep up with the technology.

We also help you control your cycle times by giving you the complete picture for a particular repair. You’ll find it easy to get the ADAS information and the all-important documentation to back up your repair. With a click on SUN Collision’s ADAS Quick Link button, you get an easy-to-understand presentation of all the ADAS repair and calibration information consolidated in a single location for a particular vehicle.

Field-Tested, Real-World Repair Information

SUN Collision allows you to browse the notes and records from over a billion past mechanical repairs and over 45 million Real Fixes to give you repair solutions from experienced repair specialists. When you have easy access to expert knowledge and advice from other mechanics and car care technicians, you get information that will save time and money.

Search results are organized by the most commonly requested information and by categories like codes, components, symptoms, and part numbers. SUN Collision’s extensive library of Real Fixes and mechanical repair records gives technicians a head start on diagnostics and provides a guided resource for repairing specific vehicles.

Latest TSBs, Recalls, and Interactive Wiring Diagrams

 Staying up to date and informed with the latest TSBs and recalls has been a part of performing collision repair for decades because the components or parts they address can affect so many parts of a vehicle. SUN makes using the latest recall information and TSBs fast and easy, so technicians can perform collision repairs that cover all the bases.

SUN’s newest auto collision repair software feature is our detailed, interactive wiring diagrams. We give you intelligent navigation for direct access to wiring diagrams for specific components. You’ll find highlighted wiring traces and pop-up menus with information about specifications, component location, guided testing procedures, connector views, and more. SUN Collision makes the effort of viewing complex wiring diagrams a thing of the past with our advanced software navigation, zoom and show/hide features, and patent-pending interactive functionality.

Support for Your Collision Repair Scheduling Software

We make SUN Collision repair software easy to use so that you can spend more of your time on actual repairs. But even the best auto collision software is only as good as the support you get with the product. That’s why SUN gives you the best support and training in the industry. From technical support for software issues and installation to free 1-on-1 live training, we are dedicated to making our collision repair software a tool you can count on day after day.

If you are looking for collision repair software that gives you the ROI you demand, SUN Collision has you covered. We’ve earned our reputation for leading the industry with auto collision repair software features, and we’re ready to help you streamline your collision repairs and build a better bottom line. Get in touch today for your free demo or to find out more about the best auto collision software on the market. Want to know more right now? Give us a call at 877-840-1973.

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