Collision Repair Technology is the Future: Are You Ready?

Advanced collision repair technology impacts everything from  materials, manufacturing methods, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and sensors, control modules, occupant safety equipment. These and other advancements are drastically changing collision procedures. In addition to the increasing complexity of auto technology, there may still be a lingering mentality that 10, 20, or more years of experience of body shop experience will be enough. It won’t.

In an article about collision repair technology published by Body Shop Business, Chris Tobie, collision business specialist at American Honda, puts it this way: “Because of the rapid body technology changes, two model years of the same vehicle may appear similar but employ very different body structures, requiring completely different repair procedures.”

In the same article, Dan Risley, president of the Automotive Service Association, has this to say: “To repair today’s vehicles properly, it’s no longer as to whether you want to seek out the OEM repair information, it’s a requirement. Having access to OEM information on every vehicle is mandatory to properly repair today’s vehicles. If you don’t have the information, you’re going to repair it wrong.”

So how do body shop technicians put their years of experience to work while keeping up with the changes in collision repair?  The answer is collision repair software.

The Benefits of Advanced Repair Technology Software

No software or technology can take the place of a technician’s collision repair experience, but they make it faster and easier to complete common collision procedures . Although collision repair software certainly can’t hunt for hidden damage like a skilled repair technician, it can tell you where to look.

Advanced repair technology is a tool just like a punch, hammer or voltage tester. Without it, we could base collision procedures on outdated information that doesn’t account for industry changes in technology and materials. And just like your other tools, collision repair technology makes it easy to keep that information close at hand. So, what kind of information do you get from collision repair software?

Your New Collision Repair Technology Toolbox

Think of collision repair software as a toolbox full of informational tools that offer an advantage no other tool in your shop can: these tools automatically update so that you have the most advanced version. But these tools don’t only keep you up to date; they are the perfect complement to your years of experience.

With the click of a button, your body shop gains access to the advanced repair technology you need most in a user-friendly and comprehensive resource:

Powerful and Intuitive Search Platform

Advanced collision repair software features that include OEM service manuals, common repair procedures, and other up-to-date information is only beneficial if it’s easy to find. That’s why we made advanced technology so easy to use — if you know how to use Google, you know how to use SUN® Collision Repair Information. Our proprietary search engine, 1Search Plus™, quickly delivers information in graphic layouts that speak professional technicians’ language for collision diagnosis and repair.

Our collision repair software delivers the most updated OEM and real-world repair information with familiar categories to help you find the information you need when you need it most. Quick Links right on the main screen help you easily navigate instantly to the most relevant information from diagnosis to collision procedures.

From the main page for your specific collision procedure query, current information about fluids, tires, recalibrations, wiring, testing, DTCs, TSBs, and more is right at your fingertips. Whether you look up information based on part number, component, or other search terms, you can seamlessly move from one repair category to another.

ADAS Diagnosis, Repair, and Recalibration

Getting ADAS repairs right is critical for minimizing your shop’s liability and for safe, accurate collision repairs. This technology is here to stay, and if you don’t have a handle on ADAS repairs, you could get some nasty surprises. The most up-to-date ADAS information is consolidated into a user-friendly table so your body shop can keep up with new collision repair technology and get a big picture of the ADAS features on the selected vehicle.

SUN Collision repair software streamlines diagnostics, repair and calibrations on even the most advanced ADAS. Just select a vehicle, click the ADAS Quick Link button, and consolidated information is delivered with clear, detailed collision procedure content. You get the complete picture of the repair process to help ensure safe, accurate repairs and the tools you need to perform critical ADAS recalibrations.

Up-to-Date OEM Collision Repair Information

OEM collision repair information is a necessity in your body shop, and real-time OEM knowledge and procedures are critical for keeping up with advancements in technology. SUN delivers the most relevant, constantly updated information to take the guesswork out of performing safe, accurate collision repairs.

Common Collision Repair Procedures

What would having a standard guideline for the most common collision procedures mean for your body shop? Even if you’ve performed a repair 50 times, there’s a very real possibility the OEM information has changed. Searching by code, symptom, component, mileage, or other criteria pulls up up-to-date diagnostics and repair procedures to save time from the beginning.

Body and Frame Work

Get unlimited access to complete information about sectioning procedures, structural repairs, sensors, and other critical information. Because we constantly update OEM information, you always have the knowledge you need to work with new materials using the latest collision repair procedures.


Innovative technology in the auto industry  creates the need for innovative solutions in collision repair. SUN Collision provides the information you need to work with modern adhesives, high-strength steels, composite materials, aluminum, plastics, and more. Comprehensive, up-to-date data is just a click away to give your body shop the knowledge to handle modern materials and delicate collision repairs.

Paint and Finish

Modern automotive paints and finishes have become more complex, making it a challenge to find current materials data, information for surface prep, application processes, and other accurate knowledge. Collision repair software helps your body shop complete collision procedures with the latest OEM info about materials, processes, and applications.

Complete OEM Service Manuals

Even with years of collision repair experience and advanced auto collision repair technology, your shop still needs access to OEM service manuals. That’s why SUN’s innovative software delivers on-demand access to complete OEM service manuals. Whether you’re training a new technician or double-checking a procedure, original service manuals are a collision shop necessity.

Interactive Wiring Resources

When your body shop is working on modern vehicles, detailed wiring diagrams for ADAS and other advanced auto technology is a must. Immediate access to up-to-date wiring traces that link to relevant components and testing procedures means safer, more accurate repairs.

 Real-World Mechanical Repair Information

Light mechanical work is a common need in collision repair, and real-world repair information can help your body shop keep more of those repairs in-house . When you have accurate diagnostic and repair information, your body shop can provide more value and optimize its return on each vehicle repaired. Save time diagnosing mechanical issues with accurate and reliable auto collision repair technology from SUN.

SUN collision software includes constantly updated records from over a billion mechanical repairs and more than 45 million real fixes from professional technicians.

Search results deliver frequently requested information in categories based on codes, components, symptoms, and more. An extensive library of repair records gives technicians a head start on diagnostics and collision procedures to increase your body shop’s productivity.

Bottom line: Collision repair technology like SUN Collision delivers accurate, reliable, and innovative solutions to increase your body shop’s productivity and profit. Save time and money with up-to-date collision repair information that makes even the most advanced repairs more routine.

If you’re ready to put collision repair software to work in your body shop, SUN Collision ensures you get the ROI you need. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions with collision repair technology that help collision technicians work more efficiently and accurately..

Get in touch today for your free demo or to find out more about the most advanced repair technology on the market. Want to get right to it and learn more today? Give us a call at 877-840-1973 and let us show you how you can meet the challenges of advanced technology with some technology of your own

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